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Current book status - Rev. 2


So it's been a while since I asked for input from you all on where to go next. I ask you what you want next.

Here's what I have that's unscanned (no specific order):
The Five Star Stories - Smoke Walls*
The Five Star Stories - Plastic Style*
The Five Star Stories - 2007 Callander*
The Five Star Stories - Newtype 100% (the FSS OAV)
The Art of Mass Effect
Gundam Seed Astray Masters (modeling book)
Gundam Profile 01 - TR-1 Hazel (modeling book)
Gundam Sentinel**
Stand Alone Complex - 2nd Gig Visual Book
Serial Experiments Lain - Artwork (US version)
Trigun Artbook
Stand Alone Complex - Official Log 1 (US version)
The Five Star Stories - Chronicle 2007
The Five Star Stories - Episode Guide (not much art in this one, would rather not scan it)
Cowboy Bebop - Knocking on Heavens Door - Film Book (mostly stills from the movie)

*- A3 sized, would need to stitch the images
*- huge ass book. would take a while to scan and would be in 4-5 parts.


Anonymous said...

Lookin' forward to them!

Anonymous said...

I would vote for FSS - Newtype 100%, or Plastic style... Or 2007 Callendar or Chronicle... Actualy, anything would be just great! Thanks :))Can't Wait!

Anonymous said...

What's in the Gundam Sentinel book?

Archive said...

The Sentinel book is the same one here (see below). This scan I found on MacrossWorld. If I do it it'll be a complete scan at better image resolution.

Unknown said...

I would vote for Hazel or Astray.

Anonymous said...

Still would love to see the Art of Mass Effect. :3

Anonymous said...

Stand Alone Complex or FSS please! Lot of good stuff in there though, cant wait to see the scans

BHS said...

Any of FSS books but the Episode Guide.

Anonymous said...

Plastic style would be great~
love ur scans

Anonymous said...

I gave a link to your blog on imgDump. Shoulda done that sooner lol

Xhokky said...

Plastic Style! :D

Anonymous said...

Been waiting for that Mass Effect book. Would be a timely release as mass Effect 2 was just announced

Anonymous said...

2nd gig plz!!!
thanks for your work!great scans here!

Anonymous said...

Please, please, please scan the Ghost in the Shell 2nd GIG Visual Book. I am just dying to get my hands on it!

Anonymous said...

I vote for: The Five Star Stories - Smoke Walls


The Five Star Stories - Plastic Style

Anonymous said...

I would vote for:The Five Star Stories - Chronicle 2007 :)