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Status Update

Just something I've been thinking about.

The Megaupload account I created has been getting a fraction of the traffic of my Rapidshare account (maybe 1 to 8). Now, I do like having a backup and I know not everyone likes RS...but keeping these accounts open costs money OR traffic. The MU account has just about enough for another 30-day bump from traffic (so about 2 months till it comes due). When that time comes we may need to discuss how to go on.


Anonymous said...

why don you try letitbit??

Anonymous said...

cheer up! keep your head up~!

By the way, I would love it if you would scan two Macross Frontier Sketchbooks , please!
AND, Thanks for all previous posts!

Anonymous said...

mediafire is great but i don't know the specifics.
And who the fuck keeps using the rapidshare links? Fucking stop that shit.

Anonymous said...

mister i have link maybe u cant copied for us and make it into rapidshare.

i like the dengeki and the gundam weapon for gundam 00.please

Archive said...

If you could give me the original link (not though Google translator), I could rip the site and try to reconstruct the books.

Anonymous said...

the link is
but is original online book and chinnese

i hope u can uploaded it,