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Hey there. I've been tempted by a thread on /m/ to do my own scan of FSS Designs I - Eastern AKD. I've gotten most of the big stuff in my queue done. Wondering how much people would want it done.
Alright, here's the books I have that I haven't scanned yet:

Stand Alone Complex - 2nd GIG - Visual Book
yoshitoshi ABe - Lain Illustrations (US release)
Gundam Seed Astray Masters (gunpla modeling and a little lineart)
GP-01 Gundam Profile - TR-1 Hazel (gunpla modeling and a little lineart)
Gundam Sentinel (huge goddamn book)

Other books I've listed before and haven't now I don't consider priorities.
Please let me know what you'd like done.


Anonymous said...

Stand Alone Complex - 2nd GIG - Visual Book would be nice.

Anonymous said...

GP-01 Gundam Profile - TR-1 Hazel pleease!! thanku!!^^
sorry just curious if u would have more of windfall/magicroom's doujin artbooks? like GCX, Rally:Works etc? thanks :)

Phaedris said...

I'd like to see "Stand Alone Complex - 2nd GIG - Visual Book" scanned.

Mr.T said...

Stand Alone Complex - 2nd GIG - Visual Book !!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Gundam Sentinel!
Also, it would be nice something from Ken Ishikawa. At least, he did 3 artbooks and there is a lot of Getter Robo stuff.

Anonymous said...

I vote for Stand Alone Complex - 2nd Gig - Visual Book.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see more about Patlabor.=)thanks!

Anonymous said...

All you can is always welcome.

But Gundam materials... wow!

Anonymous said...

Either of the two Appleseed CG movie artbooks (2004 and 2008) would be great

The Xenosaga I Perfect Works/Guide too please

Anonymous said...

I'm the only one to want the Gundam Seed Astray Master book?
I'm so sad about that because I never so this book around!

I have Gundam Sentinel but it is in Japanese. bodody want to transalte it in English? Please!!

Anonymous said...

Moar Phantasy Star material!! :)


Archive said...

It's good to know what you guys want but I can only scan books that I have listed.

Anonymous said...

Macross Compendium scans!!!!

Anonymous said...

can you please scan the stand alone complex 2nd Gig...thanks

Anonymous said...

Gundam Profile and Sentinel plz! Thanks for all the great material.

Anonymous said...

Gundam Sentinel nicely scanned would be great!
I have a full english translation of the Sentinel story done by Deacon Blues of Zeonic Corps. A scanlation of Gundam Sentinel would be as big a project as scanning the book though.

Anonymous said...

Five Star Stories book 12 scans the japanese version. Preferably translated but if u just have japanase or chinese version that in it self would be good enough

Anonymous said...

Hi i just love the scans, just a small request, is it possible to get a scan of this book ''Kotobukiya How to Make Figure Book''? cause its quite difficult to get it from where im from ^^