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Message from Rapidshare

Just got an email from a bot at Rapidshare, here's the important bit:
"Premium Accounts whose files use more than 25 GB ( Bytes) of storage will be subject to the file inactivity regulations, which effectuate the automatic deletion of inactive files. A file is inactive if it has not been downloaded for at least 90 days."

I've got ~31.4gb of data at Rapidshare right now. I'll be waiting for emails from people about down links for older files.


Ant Sized Man said...

Guess thats going to get annoying, still 31.4gb of art is an amazing amount.

Falldog said...

Offer to use my space still stands lol

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind contributing some space either. I've got a Premium acct. and I'm not using any of the storage space at all. I'll PM you on MW about it.

Anonymous said...

Rapidshare is one of the worse file hosting companies out there. Have you looked at alternatives?

Jo said...

I'll help you update the broken links

Anonymous said...

Hi TwinkiePlatter:
File Image Uploader has a RapidShare link updater to renew the download dates. You need to pay $4 to get the registration key.
Works great!