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I've solved a problem with my main scanner and hope to do some work this weekend. I'll shoot for getting SAC Log 1 done, and maybe Industrial Divinities.

For now the queue is as follows:
Stand Alone Complex - Official Log 1
Industrial Divinities
Gundam Profile - TR-1 Hazel
Intron Depot
Astray Masters
Lain Illustrations

I changed it a little, I want to get Intron Depot done (want a backup/digital copy).


Daniel said...

Looking forward to it! :)

goat89 said...

PS: I thought you dissappeared into the piles of books you had to scan. Just saying.

suede said...

thank you in advance!!!!

Jevanni said...

Lain illustrations. Good ! :)

Anonymous said...

much appreciated, man! sounds like a good plan, and i cant wait to re-arrive home on sunday :)

Anonymous said...

I can wait for industrial divinity !! thx a lot for your works ^w^

Anonymous said...

Lain[2] :)