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Bubblegum Crisis

Bubblegum Crisis - B-Club Special - The Story of Knight Sabers 2032~2033:

Bubblegum Crisis - 01:

Bubblegum Crisis - 2:

Bubblegum Crash - B-Club Special:

The next three books have a good amount of Bubblegum Crisis art as well as other projects that Kenichi Sonoda has been involved with.

Gallant - Kenichi Sonoda:

Kenichi Sonoda - Garden Party:

Kenichi Sonoda - Artworks 1983-1997:


Anonymous said...

sir you are epic!

goat89 said...

^Indeed he is EPIC!!!! :D

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in spanish "gracias muchas gracias"

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Bubblegum Crisis - 01:
is format pdf ?


Damian.D.D said...

From Argentina tanks "muchas gracias"

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Anime Mecha Lovers !!! said...

Bubblegum Crisis - B-Club Special - part 1.rar seems to be damaged.... MU is dead.. RS is deleted... could somebody reupload it ?

Macro Man Jr. said...

What's the password to one of these files asking for one? Why would you even put a password for any of these torrent files? Please, anyone, what's the password?

Macro Man Jr. said...

Searched elsewhere on this site. THe password's "archive" (without the quotation marks). For future reference, no more passwords, please. They're useless hinderance that serve no true protection.

El Ya said...

Muito obrigado. Isso é uma raridade!!!