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Chocolate Shop

Xeno Emission Box Cover

If anyone knows of a better copy of this book please let me know.
Xeno Emission E1 - Chocolate Shop

Xeno Emission E2 - Chocolate Shop

Xeno Emission E3 - Chocolate Shop

Xeno Emission Preview - Chocolate Shop

The White Lion - Chocolate Shop

HIGE FIX2 PREVIEW - Chocolate Shop

Hige Fix 2 - Pesented by Chocolate Shop (English)

EVA FIX - Abnormalities in Daily Life - Chocolate Shop


goat89 said...

Impressive post! hx!

Anonymous said...

Any reason for the Gundam tag? =P

Archive said...

The Hige Fix book(s) are centered arounf the Turn-A Gundam design.

bird said...

bravo. is there any chance of getting tekkonkinkreet art book scans? you're a gold mine and i haven't seen anywhere to download it.

Anonymous said...

Xenosaga Emissions e3 part2 and part3 seems to have errors after downloading. I used mega uplad BTW

Anonymous said...

All the links are down. Any alternatives?

Anonymous said...

Here is Xeno Emission 2 in HD[Artbook]_Xenosaga_Episode_II_-_Xeno_Emission_E2/2774