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From Myst to Riven - The Creations & Inspirations

A great book, although it's more of a making-of for Riven than a true artbook. This really makes me wish that Cyan Worlds would make another of these books (mostly for End of Ages and Uru). Also, I guess there were 5 variations of the cover, kinda a nice touch given the story in Riven.
It's a very interesting look at what needed to be done to make a relatively simple (when compared to today's games).
From Myst to Riven - The Creations & Inspirations

Ps- Got a new scanner to replace my main one and I've finally been able to clean/service my large-format scanner. Hopefully that'll fix all of the color streaking due to dust in the optics we've seen.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. :)

Anonymous said...

What an amazing book! Thanks you so very much for scanning it. c:

Anonymous said...

I want to say thanks for posting too but... it asks for a password?

Anonymous said...

sorry, but what is password for archive ?

Anonymous said...

can't open it with pass:archive
part1 021-063
part2 087-130

Anonymous said...

Great upload man, found your site when looking for this book, very good scans! thanks :D