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More updating...

I got a new (to me) book today, 'From Myst to Riven'. Been out of print about 13 years now, been hunting for a copy for the last 3. Probably gonna put this in the top of the queue. I've also got the book 'Phantasy Star Universe Visual Book' on it's way.

Also, I've now got a new http mirror provided by Falldog, that's his banner I've added to the right-hand collumn. I'm uploading everything, though it's going to take quite a while. I'm going to drop the MegaUpload content but I'll keep the Rapidshare stuff up-to-date. I'm not quite sure how I want to go about the updating of the links, I'm a little tempted to wipe everything and redo all of the posts but that'd basically bring the site down for a while. Still gotta decide. Any input would be appreciated.

edit- Yay, got 'Phantasy Star Universe Visual Book' today. Unfortunately it's a tiny book, maybe a pack-in with a fancy version of the game, about 4x6" and maybe 50 pages. It does come with a music CD too though.


goat89 said...

Cool! I fya looking 4 another alternative 4 file hosting, try mediafire. I heard its quite good.

CHOWZ said...

First of all, I just wanna thank you for doing this! I've been following this for almost a year and a half now. It has really helped in terms of reference and inspiration. I owe a great deal of what I try to do with drawing thanks to you. I would have been lost without it.

But I do have one request. I've been looking all over for this book and was hoping you might have it. It might not be up to your standards in terms of taste but i'll give it a shot.

the book is


If not, its cool. But here are some links to a kamen rider art book if you're interested.