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Neon Genesis Evangelion

edit- this one ended up in the wrong folder, whoops.
Carmine - Digital Art Collection:

Die Sterne - Yoshiyuki Sadamoto:

Der Mond - Yoshiyuki Sadamoto:

Groundwork of Evangelion - Volume 01 - Yoshiyuki Sadamoto:

Groundwork of Evangelion - Volume 02 - Yoshiyuki Sadamoto:

Newtype 100% - Neon Genesis Evangelion - Yoshiyuki Sadamoto:

Eve ~Venus at the 2015AD~ - Yoshiyuki Sadamoto:

Evangelion - Iron Maiden Calander:

End of Evangelion Theatrical Program:

Evangelion Postcards - Pack 2:

Evangelion Postcards:

Neon Genesis Evangelion in 3D:

Neon Genesis Evangelion - 2005 Calendar:

Death & Rebirth Theatrical Program:

Death & Rebirth Theatrical Program - Delux Ver:


John Muir said...

Another fantastic post. Fine work.

d!ego said...

What's the code to unrar the "iron maidem calendar"?

Chris G. said...


oh man, as soon as i get home i will download these books!!

thanx a lot!!

im at the office so i cant download anything... -___-

Anonymous said...

Password ?

Anonymous said...

Die Sterne is not a Sadamoto artbook. It is a general Eva artbook.

Stop mislabeling it.

Anonymous said...

And neither are the groundwork book or the Newtype 100% collection.


As awesome as it is that you collect and share this stuff, the mislabeling is annoying.

Anonymous said...

Need passwords :(

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Henry Chang said...

just want you to know this site is awesome!!!

Anonymous said...


David Bernath said...

Thank you very much for the uploads. I always enjoy how different studios go about their production work. Also, Evangelion is my absolute favorite series.

Iggy said...

awesome post, thank you so much

Kazumi Nagisa said...

Not bad...A Good download. However, why are most of the art book labelled that they were by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto? Carmine and Der Mond are, but Die Sterne is not. It is a collecton of art by a number of Gainax staff that worked on NGE, such as Takeshi Honda, Shinya Hasegawa, Shunji Suzuki, Kazuya Tsurumaki and more.

Groundwork 1 and 2 aren't by Sadamoto either. In fact, almost all of this stuff isn't. It's a great download anyway.

Anonymous said...

'Die Sterne - Yoshiyuki Sadamoto - Part 2.rar' is corrupted. It shouldn't be just 36mb.

Please help correct

Thanks for scanning and sharing

Anonymous said...

This is superb! Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Password isn't working...I'm wrting "archive", but it doesn't seems to work

Unknown said...

Reupload please :'(

Unknown said...

seriously, need new link please :'(
btw, love your blog <3