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Intron Depot 1 - Masamune Shirow

One of the first artbook I got when I was starting my collection years ago. This covers Shirow's Ghost in the Shell, Appleseed, Orion, Black Magic and more. Be warned, this does have some explicit imagery (anyone who has followed Shirow's career knows what his style can involve). A great book; it makes me wish that Shirow would return to doing manga like he used to.

Intron Depot 1 - Masamune Shirow


goat89 said...

Easily a classic. Hes been quiet these past few years though... HOWEVER, there are rumours he's trying to work up on Appleseed... helping out in the 3rd animated movie that is supposed to come out, including a new anime series.
Thx 4 the upload anyway!

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, this is a very classic, and very very awesome art book. its sitting on my shelf, lodged between a book on schiele and shirows intron depot 2. :)

i miss his oldschoolish style as well. did anyone see intron depots past 3? is he slowly catching up on making his digital stuff look not as glaringly plastic-ish?

Anonymous said...

Thank you very-very much! Didn't know that old scans missed most of the text and many pictures.
It is such a killer of illustration work, this book really should be available in every store.

Unknown said...

Thanks. Anything related to Ghost in the Shell is very welcome. Do you have any of the artbook related to the Ghost in the Shell movie by Mamoru Oshii? That would be awesome.

Anonymous said...

Cool, I downloaded your scanned version of this excellent book and is the only full version of good quality for all I've seen, of course thank you for giving us the opportunity to enjoy this book. Greetings.