Public Service Annoucement

For two months now things have been getting more and more angering. Gamergate. 'Gamers', or rather people who violently hold onto the status-quo or even push for regression of media.

Some really good links, you should read them-

Gawker - 'What Is Gamergate, and Why? An Explainer for Non-Geeks'

Serious Pony - 'Trouble at the Koolaid Point'

First Person Scholar - '‘We Will Force Gaming to Be Free’ On GamerGate'

The Verge - 'Stop supporting Gamergate'

YOU AND YOUR DAMNED GAMES, JON STONE - 'Why bother with #gamergate?'

If you support Gamergate and/or harassment of women, leave this place. Leave and never come back.


Macross (part 1 of 2)

Entertainment Bible 27 - Super Dimentional Fortress - Macross & Do You Remember Love

Entertainment Bible 51 - Macross II

Figure OH- Macross Issue

Macross - Do You Remember Love - Remastered DVD Book

Macross Age

Macross CD Covers

Macross Complete
Macross 7 - Fire Bomber - Ultra Fire
Macross 7 - Lets Fire
Macross 7 - Radio Fire
Macross Maximum Box Set
Macross Plus - OST 1
Macross Plus - OST 2
Macross Zero - OST 2

Credit to those at Macrossworld for translation, incomplete
Macross F Manga

Macross Flashback 2012 Graffiti

Macross Frontier - Blue Ray Disk Boxes

Macross Frontier Article May 2008

Here's a link to the .torrent these books belongs to


Der Kaizer said...

thanks for all the Macrosses. :D

btw, would you mind to re-scan Macross Frontier Archive 3D, page 60 only ? it's missing...

Archive said...

When I start reposting my scans that'll be included with the post.

Der Kaizer said...

awesome ! :)

Hack&Slash said...

Dear Archive Scans Guy,

I COULD KISS YOU!!! Except if you're male... and not anime...

Thanks much!

Namroy said...

Amigo el torrents de Macross (part 1 of 2) y el torrents Macross (part 2 of 2) son los mismos y necesito bajar el "Macross - Do You Remember Love - Remastered DVD Book", sube de nuevo la parte 1 correcta porque el link del 1 es el mismo del 2. Falta el torrents de la Parte 1.