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Macross (part 2 of 2)

Everything's working now. I've ordered and should be getting a new Macross book in the next couple days; it's either gonna be that book or Intron Depot up next for scanning.

Macross Plus - Remaster DVD Booklet:

Macross VFX2 - Game WalkThrouh Book:

Macross VFX2 - Official Visual Guide:

Macross Zero - DVD Booklets (all volumes):

Model Graphix 2009-02:

Model Graphix 2009-01:

Sky Angels - VF-1 Valkyrie:

This is Animation - Super Dimentional Fortress - Macross - Do You Remember Love:

Valkyries - Tenjin Hidetaka:


Anonymous said...

a new macross book for scanning?
Thank you!

Archive said...

Yeah, I've got a copy of the Macross 7 Sketch Book on the way.

Macross said...
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