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Mobile Police Patlabor

Air - Takada Akemi

Entertainment Bible 23 The Mobile Police - Patlabor 2:

Please note: This is an incomplete scan.
Patlabor 2 The Movie Archives (English):

Please note: This is an incomplete scan.
Patlabor The Movie Archives (English):

This is Animation - Patlabor the Movie:


Anonymous said...

Warning: Possibly Insufficient Source

I got this message from Bit torrrent when i tried to download Patlabor Artbook from magnet link torrent...

What does it mean???

Archive said...

Late reply but it seems to be working fine, might have just been a hiccup in the seedbox/trackers.

Anonymous said...

hey guys, i tried to download the torrent but an error pops up saying: unable to load. would it be the torrent or just the BitTorrent program that has the problem?