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Old School Phantasy Star Books

A kind person at shared these books with me, he's got more on his site too! Thanks!

This book has art from Phantasy Star 1, 2 and 4 including cover art and character design works.
Phantasy Star Official - Production Compendium

This book looks to mostly focus on Phantasy Star 2 with some on the other 3 games, More text than art.
World of Phantasy Star:


Orakio "O Gagá" Rob said...

I was the one who got these books scanned :)

I run a website on Phantasy Star, it's called "A Gazeta de Algol". I've bought these books from Yahoo Japan with the help of a few friend in the Brazilian Phantasy Star community and made these PDFs.

You are free to use them, of course, the idea really is to make these scans available to more and more PS fanatics, but you may also wish to post a link to my website:

As you can see, there are more books available at my website, and as I said, you are free to post them here (it would be great, in fact).

I've bought a new batch of PS books, so there is more coming:


Leeann H said...

OH MY FREAKING GOD I've been looking for the Compendium for YEARS! Thanks to you guys for making it available online! x

goat89 said...

As always, impressive! Thx 2 Rob 2!!!

Orakio "O Gagá" Rob said...

You're welcome! :)

Anonymous said...

Orakio, send me an email at NOSPAMhanwes5 -at- AOL d0t c0mNOSPAM i have some guides for the Pstar games (new!) you could use. No artworks yet, but maybe later.