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Range Murata

This contains all of the Futuregraph pages I've been able to find, it contains most pages up to #73 but is missing #42 and #71. There is a little bit more in this pack than the previous version.
Futuregraph - Range Murata

Futurhythm - Range Murata

Last Exile - Aerial Log - Range Murata:

Like a Balance Life 0.5 - Range Murata:

This pack has Spheres 1, 2 and Spheres +
Spheres Pack - Last Exile - Range Murata:

The Missing - Range Murata (Incomplete, very low-res scan):


Unknown said...

General question: Would it be OK to take some of your scans and repost them somewhere else? (Of course while giving credit to archive-scans)

Archive said...

None of these are my scans, I've left the file names alone (DPG scanned one of these and is named in the file names). I have no problems with it.

Chris G. said...

hmmm... range murata...


Anonymous said...

anyone know the password, just a few need one

Anonymous said...

lol, weird, I used the "extract here" + archive and it worked fine, but if I tried to use extract each to their own folder + archive, it would give me an error corrupt bad pass message

Unknown said...

some of the books are pw protected. just FYI the pw is 'archive'