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Macross Frontier - Official File 1, Status update

Not quite the type of book I like. This mostly is episode recap and character information. Not enough art.

Macross Frontier - Official File 1


Anonymous said...

This is boinger.
Thanks for scanning another Macross book!

I finally picked up an HP 8250 Scanjet legal sized scanner. Other than getting blue tinged scans for the first 10 scans sometimes, the scanning only takes 3 seconds.
So, I'll see if I can find the time to get some Macross book scanning done, too.

Archive said...


Anonymous said...

Hello, i like very much this blog and your devoted work.

I remember when you said you'll be scanning the macross chronicle magazine... in a future scannings, do you do that?????

Keep going!!!!

Chris G. said...

my HDD died yesterday. i lost my music, videos.... -___-

im downloading what i can from the internet, included several of your scans.

Thank you very much for all your hard work!!

PS:im downloading the FSS manga right now. thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your effort to scan and preserve all these fine art books.
Curiously, the cover image of this one particular art book is not included in the torrent.
Fortunately the cover image posted on this blog post is of good enough quality to fill in.