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Macross Frontier - Official File 1, Status update

Not quite the type of book I like. This mostly is episode recap and character information. Not enough art.

Macross Frontier - Official File 1


Anonymous said...

This is boinger.
Thanks for scanning another Macross book!

I finally picked up an HP 8250 Scanjet legal sized scanner. Other than getting blue tinged scans for the first 10 scans sometimes, the scanning only takes 3 seconds.
So, I'll see if I can find the time to get some Macross book scanning done, too.

Archive said...


Anonymous said...

Hello, i like very much this blog and your devoted work.

I remember when you said you'll be scanning the macross chronicle magazine... in a future scannings, do you do that?????

Keep going!!!!

Chris G. said...

my HDD died yesterday. i lost my music, videos.... -___-

im downloading what i can from the internet, included several of your scans.

Thank you very much for all your hard work!!

PS:im downloading the FSS manga right now. thanks again.