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Queue update / new book

Just got a new book! 'Junya Ishigaki Works- ROBO no Ishi' arrived in the mail today (SAL shipping only took just over 2 weeks this time) and it's a very nice book. Probably close to or over 200 pages and contains art from over 30 productions. This is gonna be the next book scanned.

The current queue is as follows:

Junya Ishigaki Works- ROBO no Ishi (edit- hope to get this done by the 10th of July)
Macross Frontier - Official File 2
Astray Masters
Lain Illustrations

Also, I'm thinking of having a contest, donation drive or something in early fall. If you have any ideas please let me know.

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Anonymous said...

somebody sends you a predetermined book you haven't scanned and you scan it, for the benefit of all.