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Ao No 6 Rokugo - Graphic World

EDIT: I've rescanned pages 83, 84 and 85. Sorry it took so long for me to do.
Pretty short and a little to busy for me but it's a good source of Blue Sub 6 lineart (been rare to find online). I wish it had more of Range Murata's artwork (and that there is isn't 'clean').

Ao No 6 Rokugo - Graphic World:


goat89 said...

You know, you are right! I actually never saw a Blue Sub 6 art book! Thx!

aklim007 said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!

Jujang said...

Thank you so much for the effort and hard work that you put into scanning these artbooks! I really, really appreciate it. It's always great to see good art!

thank you again, and best wishes!

Anonymous said...

А какой пароль к архивам? ;))