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The Five Star Stories - Complete English Version

Here's the complete English version of The Five Star Stories (Books 1-10 of the 12 Japanese version books).

The Five Star Stories - Book I (US booklets 1-3)

The Five Star Stories - Book II (US volumes 4-5)

The Five Star Stories - Book III (US volumes 6-8)

The Five Star Stories - Book IV (US volumes 9-10)

The Five Star Stories - Book V (US volumes 11-12)

The Five Star Stories - Book VI (US volumes 13-14)

The Five Star Stories - Book VII (US volumes 15-17)

The Five Star Stories - Book VIII (US volumes 18-20)

The Five Star Stories - Book IX (US volumes 21-23)

The Five Star Stories - Book X (US volumes 24-26)

A few very kind souls have translated some of The Five Star Stories past book 10 (US book 26). In the past week I've tried to contact a couple posters responsible on the GearsOnline forum with no success, one of them hasn't logged into the site in a couple months. I've decided to post them, I know how much FSS is liked. (this would be US book 27 if it were ever released.)

The Five Star Stories - Book 11 - Part 1

This is an extra (omake? is that the right term?) that was published after a few of the Newtype sections of FSS.

Unofficial English translation for Prima Classe Hugtrang


Anonymous said...

Bad link for the 1st one:

here is the link corrected

Anonymous said...

Book IX

Archive said...


Chris G. said...

once more. thank you for the FSS manga.

Unknown said...

Thank you very much for the FSS manga, I love it. Plus, its rare for people to put direct link on their site like this.

Testament said...

11 long years of searching FSS in english is now finished. It's a title that for sure never will come to Brazil translated. Finding these scans is a dream that become true, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi, great to see this reposted

Found a few bugs, though:

Book 18: pages 62 & 63 are duplicated, 64 & 65 are missing

I think you uploaded them a while ago, but guess it could be nice they were corrected in the packages... maybe uploading a v2 of the current zip?

Anonymous said...

OMG.... hnggggg this manga is sooo damn good. why is it stalled... damn mangaka. any news on next scanlation of book 11 and 12?

Anonymous said...

Ever since Five Star Stories went out of publication in the US, I thought I'd never be able to finish reading it. Thank you immensely for posting these scans.

branko7171 said...

Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

just checking, i've downloaded the 1st book and the rar contains book 2.. can u please upload book 1?

thanks a bunch!

Marisela said...


NovaHyou said...

thank you so much, I was always curious to read Nagano's story after enjoying his work as a mecha designer...

Would anyone posting after this message happen to know if any group translated the remaining two volumes?

Cheva Silver Mask said...

I have been looking for this manga for so long.
Thank you so much for uploading this epic masterpiece. Good day to you.

Bryan Nickson said...

Thank very much =]

Richard girshner said...

the link for the first book directs me to the second book can some one send me a link or email me the file for the first three books?

email is

Anonymous said...

Can you upload this again,please?

Diego said...


I never read nor heard of FSS manga (it is not available in where I am in). Someone recommended it and your website to me, to check it out.

The links are broken or unworkable.

Please could you be kind enough to re-upload those FSS manga (english) again as The links are broken or unworkable?

Thank you for your help and hard work, and your hosting of FSS.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

As of 3/20/18 The Archive Scan Bulk download is still working and I am downloading at up to 9 mbps. Thank you.

MES said...

The specific link is dead. I tried looking around the repository, but of all the Mamoru Nagano stuff I found, the english FSS manga is the ONLY thing I couldn't find.

Anonymous said...

Any chance for an updated link?