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Form|Code - Range Murata

Form|Code is now one of my favorite artbooks, it is and incredible presentation. The book is more of binder? It's made up of thick cardstock pages bound with a 4-ring binder spine and this is held in a plastic slip cover.
I know another person/group released this book a few years ago (DPG I think) but I noticed that some of the stuff wasn't included in the release.
This one also took longer than I thought it would, none of it would fit on my fast scanner. I scanned it at 600-800dpi and resized to 4000pixels in height for upload. It still ended up ~590mb!
Thanks to a few very nice people I've included a stitched versions of the 5 posters included in Form|Code, this got a wonderful response and I thank everyone who helped out or gave input.

Form|Code - Range Murata:


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Anonymous said...

wait didn't u released Form | Code like months back????

so that means this release is the fully completed one?

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Most of the recent stuff are reposts, adding in the new hosting links and consolidating categories.