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Macross Frontier - Official File 2

Again, not quite the type of book I like. This mostly is episode recap and interviews with the voice actors. More mechanical art than booklet 1 but still not enough.
Macross Frontier - Official File 2
Password is 'Archive', the A is capitalized, my mistake.


Anonymous said...

This is boinger.
Thanks for this scan!

Anonymous said...

"Not supported archive" error in 7-Zip after entering the password. Presumably the password is not "archive"?

Anonymous said...

Yea, i type in archive and it says its the wrong password :<

Anonymous said...

I discovered what happened - the password is "Archive" with a capital A.

Archive said...

Huh, that's the second time I've done that. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

Hello: Please much and more macross book´s and magazines, please.

And thank´s for the scans.