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More updating

Edit- I've gotten the raw scan of Robo no Ishi just over half done. Hope to have it completed by Friday.

Okay, I ended up being pretty busy this weekend too; not going to be doing any scanning.

A couple bits of news: I got a new book, Phantasy Star Online: Book of Hunters (not sure if this is a accurate title but it's what the books called most of the time online). It's a nice book, the content kind of overlaps some with the Ep 1 & 2 Materials book though. After Robo-no-Ishi is scanned it'll be next.

Second; Rapidshare has drastically changed how they charge accounts and reimburse for traffic. My account will no longer be self sufficient in any way and they have increased the cost of keeping an account similar to mine active. I have 10 days from this post until the account lapses and it is likely the links will go dead. We've got the http links still so it won't be too massive a problem.
I'm looking in to reactivating my Megaupload account but it's not a high priority right now.

Happy happy, joy joy.


Anonymous said...

Hey about half a year ago you said you were gonna scan/upload Macross Frontier 2059, whatever happened to that?

Archive said...

That book is one that I'll scan at some point but it isn't on the current queue. It isn't much of an artbook really.

Yuki Senoue said...

I can't wait for the PSO Book of Hunters. Thanks in advance, I really wanted this book!