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Current Book Queue

Alrighty, the reposting is almost complete, all I've got left to do is the Gundam stuff and some random other books. That shouldn't take too long.

I've only got a couple books left in the current queue. Once those are complete I think I'm going to start rescanning a few of my very early book scans. I've got a few picked out but if you have a suggestion please let me know.

-Remaining Queue:
Astray Masters
Lain Illustrations

-Rescan Queue (not specific order):
Shoji Kawamori's Macross Design Works
Kazutaka Miyatake's Design Works - Macross & Orguss
Virtual On - Matrix Collection
The Five Star Stories (first 2 books)

EDIT: the missing pages in 'Ao No 6 Rokugo' have been scanned and the new files uploaded. Sorry 'bout that.


biltwick said...

I'm not certain if this counts, but your scan for Ao No 6 Rokugo - Graphic World part 2 has some pages missing, specifically 83,84 and 85, could you put those up please

Archive said...

Well son of a bitch. I hadn't realized that pages were missing from that book. That'll get fixed soon.

biltwick said...

Thank you, looks good

edric said...

well, couldn't wait :) But would you happen to have any of the "Hyper Weapon" series? Hyper weapon 2008 was awesome, but the rest are so hard/impossible to find! Anyway thanks for the 2008 one.

Archive said...

I got 2008 from someone online, I don't own any of the other books unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

I only recently discovered this blog, you have some awesome stuff here!

You are probably sick of hearing this...but could you possibly re-up the mass effect 1&2 artbooks? (If you don't name the files "Mass Effect Art Book Scan", maybe they wont get deleted so fast :))

Archive said...

Fortunatly we've got the hosting through Anime Revolutions now, I'm considering the RS/MU-like sites as backup mirrors now.