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Sorry 'bout the lack of updates. No, I'm not dead.
Work and other things have kept me busy these last few weeks. I'm hoping to get the scan of PSO - Book of Hunters done this weekend.

Also, hosting with RS and MU might get...interesting. It seems that my RS account is still good for another 13 days although it seems that the account has survived a lot longer than it should have after the RS Policy Change Shit Storm. I'm gonna try to get my MU account reactivated and use that as a mirror instead of RS.

Hope to see you Sunday!

-Edit: Just to be clear, a lot of the stuff recently have been reposts. I'm working on consolidating catagories, I'm going to try to have posts only contain one catagory from now on (ie- Gundam in one post, Macross in another. Nothing mixed unless that book is mixed.). More importantly I've been adding in the new hosting links due to RS's downward slide into a river of utter crap.
Hope this clears some confusion up.


goat89 said...

Thx for updates yo! ;)

2000yearsoldman said...

Good updates, and keep up the good work.

KidcaL said...

Firstly, I would like to say that your site rocks. I have been on this site for many months. I don't comment much but do appreciate your effort in sharing. As I read your post just now, I have to comment.

As Megaupload is a Hong Kong company, and files transferred are copyright sensitive, all users from Hong Kong are blocked and not allowed to even pay for the service. Also they check the ip address and basically block any downloads. So I am asking you to kindly consider Hotfile (since RS is now not an option). Its super fast and quite a lot of users now use this service on other similar sharing sites. Thank you and keep up with the great uploads!!!