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Phantasy Star Ø - Design Works

User Mimo was incredibly kind and sent me a scan of this great book for PSØ! Unfortunatly I haven't played it so I don't know how complete the book is though it seems to cover quite a bit. 

Phantasy Star Ø - Design Works

Please note- I'm always happy to post/host books as long as they fit in.


Anonymous said...

The link doesn't seem to be working!

Archive said...

Fixed it, the Ø character was messing with the URL for some reason.

Anonymous said...

hello, thank YOU for the scans. Very much :)
It seems RapidScare has taken a lot of your links offline for 'violating ToS'. LOL

So how about a megaupload, filefactory, or hotfile link instead? I found 4 dead books when searching the site for 'phantasy star'.