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Macross Chronicle 2, 4, 5, Binder

I've decided to post a handful of issues per week. It should take about a month.

Here's the Macross Cronicle Binder. There's another image on the inside that I haven't been able to scan properly.

Macross Chonicle - Binder

Queadluun Rau (DYRL, Millia Ver.), Misa Hayase (SDF), Sheryl Nome

Macross Chonicle 05

YF-21, Guld Boa Bowman, Life on Eden

Macross Chronicle 04

SDF-01 (DYRL Ver.), Mylene Jenius, VF-1

Macross Chonicle 02


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the upload! However I seem to have problems getting the last few pages even though the rest work fine with the usual password. Any advice you could give would be great, thanks!

Archive said...

I've been unable to replicate that error, could you provide more information? (issue and page numbers)

Anonymous said...

Issue 02 - My extraction stops at page 19 and then displays an error message saying that "wrong password?" and "Unexpected end of archive".

Issue 04 - Same as before however the extraction stops at pages 13 and 14.

Issue 05 - Once again the same as before, extraction finishes at page 12 and displays the same error messages.

It's possible it's my system rather than a fault with anything you've done as I've downloaded files from your site before with a perfect extraction, for example all 9 Macross F Blue Ray Disk Booklets.

Archive said...

I've downloaded the files and tested them, they seem to work fine. I'm suspecting incomplete downloaded files. Have you tried re-downloading?

Anonymous said...

Full extraction just worked when I moved the rar files to My Documents instead of my sub-folder. Sorry if I caused you some bother ^_^'.

And thanks again for the upload!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all this great stuff!

Studio RiL said...
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