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Ignition - RedJuiceGraphics Works Portfolio 2009-2010

This is an artist I've been trying to follow since seeing some of his pictures a few months ago, he's got a very cool style. Be warned, there's a bit of ecchi.
It looks like this was first released at Hunting the Elusive, although I found it on another site without proper credit given.
Ignition - RedJuiceGraphics Works Portfolio 2009-2010


Sid said...

Hello there,
I wonder about the PUBLISHER. Who is the publisher of RedJuiceGraphics works porfolio 2009-2010 ? I have asked my dad to buy it for me in Tokyo. He asks the shopkeeper, but she doesn't have the idea about this book. Unless I know who the Publisher is, then she said she could search this IGNITION for me.

So, do you mind to let me know about who is the publisher?

Your answer will be so much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

It's a self-published book. Or in this case, a doujinshi artbook. You can buy it off of eBay.