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Macross Chonicle 20, 22, 23

YF-19, Isamu Alva Dyson, Varuta 'Vampires'
Macross Chronicle 20

VF-25f, New Macross Galaxy, Gunpod Technology
Macross Chronicle 22

SV-51 (Ivanov Ver.), Meltlandi Gunship, DD Ivanov
Macross Chronicle 23


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much! Looking forward to more Macross Chronicle scans.

gus said...

Really thanks man!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hitagi from the site is posting all your Macross Chronicle scans(except for 32,33 and 35) without crediting you.

In fact, I saw some of your other scans there.

STR1KU said...

Its password protected, can u give the password?
Its a great blog, many great stuff I wanna download :D

STR1KU said...

I just saw the passsword, sorry about that.. I didn't notice that. Maybe red colour would definitely attract more attention :D