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Advance of Zeta - Flag of the Titans


I needed to re-upload some of my AoZ stuff so I figured I'd repack and update all of them as well.
This pack contains books 1-5 (there are 6 total) of the series plus a bit of extra.

Advance of Zeta - Flag of the Titans (Volumes 0-5)


Anonymous said...

I second the part about vol 6. I would've bought the book itself if not because of the high price of even a 2nd hand of it.

Archive said...

I wish someone would publish a compilation like what was done with Sentinel.

Anonymous said...

nice post dude !!

Mackton said...

Thanks for all this wonderfull stuff
Here is a Mamoru Nagano´s Gothicmade really big poster found in Newtype Mag around the end of 2010 you may like

Archive said...

Very cool, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Vol 6 is released around the end of 2008, but even at that time, it can't be found in kinokuniya or animate, where i bought all the previous Vol 1-5.

Still haven't got it yet.