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New books, new scan queue

Well, this recent poll has shown a much larger amount of feedback than ones in the past. I'll be deciding the rescan queue in a couple days when the poll closes.

I've got a couple new books on the way. First is the Appleseed Prometheus Montage - Complete Works (the 2004 movie) and a couple Panzer Dragoon books (the first two games). These, along with the SE Lain book, will be the top priority for scanning. I'll try to get one of them done by the end of this month.

-Edit: Got the Appleseed book, more of a film book but very well done (lots of stills rather than pages of text). Should be scanning it soon.


Anonymous said...

Love your books!

ed said...

panzer dragoon!! man, those were obselete! thanks a lot dude!!

Anonymous said...

Ah, the Appleseed movie book... I have that one, it's pretty neat.

But, I have to say, somehow, I miss old books, the ones done in the 80s and 90s, with lots of fine, hand drawn sketches designs.

These days, books are full of CG, which is very very cold.

Anyway, keep the work!, it's a shame you receive so few comments for the great job you're doing!