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Update, New Scan Queue

Alright, Here's the new scan queue:
Panzer Dragoon books (on the way)
Serial Experiments Lain Illustrations (possible de-bind)

Shoji Kawamori's Macross Design Works (63 votes)
The Five Star Stories, Books 1 & 2 (41 votes)
Kazutaka Miyatake Design Works - Macross & Orguss (26 votes)
Virtual On - Matrix Collection (19 votes)

I may have to wait a while to do any new scans, my main scanner died halfway through doing the Appleseed book. Using my B-Size scanner to complete the raw scan took about 9 hours, it's made for quality/size not throughput. Until I can get a hold of a new scanner I'm not going to be doing much more than reposts.

As to the Panzer Dragoon books, I'm pretty sure they are game guide books rather than artbooks so I may scan just the artwork rather than the whole book. They should get to me in a couple days and I'll make the decision after I look through them. See you then!

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