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The Art of Tron Legacy

A very cool book though more of a film book than an full artbook ('bout 50/50 art and film stills). Very nicely constructed too, it's got a sewn binding wich made it very easy to get nearly all of the page against the scanner without losing more than 3-5mm in the gutter.
As to content, it's a very well laid out book that covers the majority of the movies content with only a few missing items (light jets, gateway, a few others).

The Art of Tron Legacy


Anonymous said...

Hello you might obtain, The Art of District 9: Weta Workshop thank you for everything.

Ant Sized Man said...

Cool book, this the first western movie book you offered?

Archive said...

Yeah, I don't usually post 'western' stuff but there's been a few things that were too good to pass up, Tron and Mass Effect are good examples.

Roger That said...

Thanks so much for this (along with all other eye candy which you've so painstakingly uploaded)!

Do you happen to know any site which posts western movie artbooks?

Archive said...

I don't really know of any, I do find them on random torrent sites and the eMule service occasionally though.

Suzy said...

I can't open Part 1 - "Wrong password?" - is the password different? Thanks! (The other two files opened fine.)

Archive said...

All the archives have the standard pass.

Suzy said...

I downloaded it again and it worked :) - must have got corrupted the first time.

Haiyen Susan said...
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