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Nope, not dead

Sorry for the lag in updates, work has been unusually stressful the past few weeks. On the up side I have gotten all of my scanners replaced with newer models (B-Size is now an Epson expression 10000xl, A4-size is now an HP g4050, still waiting for the ADF's delivery), should make any future scans or re-scans much better.

I'm pretty much out of books right now, the only physical book left to scan is Chocolate Gouache (which I need to figure out how to scan) and I don't have much coming in from online right now. I guess this means re-scans will be given a higher priority until things pick back up.

Sorry for the wait


gus said...

thanks again =)

Anonymous said...

holas no tendras los scans de Haruhiko Mikimoto Gundam Illustrations INTO THE SKY

Anonymous said...

if I had money, i'd send you the redline artbook as well as the two tekkonkinkreet ones.

Yg said...

nevermind, you just sharing nice/cool/great artwork w/ us....I don't mind slow/long upload period.

anyway, Thanks!

L'Enfant said...

Have you seen The Art of Kari-gurashi artbook? AWESOME!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Dude, don't worry about it, keep the awesome work up at your own pace :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, glad to see you still arround, and take it easy! no matter what you do, we'll always be grateful!

Have a small request, thought; if you're planning to rescan some books, could you reflect that in the ZIP filename? with all the variants arround it's already difficult to track scanned artbooks (I think I have the some books downloaded from 5 or 6 different places!)

I'll dare to suggest this formatting:

Author - Title (ArchiveScans)(600DPI)(2011-09-25).zip

maxmurder said...

thanx a lot for your blog, this is so amazing all off the files we can found here!!!...I'am a big fan of japaniese artists and mangas from France. I'm looking for "the art of summer wars" can you have a link or anything else could help me to found the gorgeous art of this amazing film...Thanx a lot!!! long life for your blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Could you scan the Infinite Space artbook?

Marc said...

Take all the time you want, man. I think we could never be thankful enough for all you've done, I even feel bad because of people who are asking for stuff instead of saying "thank you".

Thanks again for all the effort you're putting into this. :)