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Happy Holidays!

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy holidays!

I should be able to get the copy of Macross Perfect Memory done by the end of the year.


animekritik said...

Merry Christmas!

Yg said...

Merry X'Mas

my card:

Anonymous said...

hey man, merry xmas.
thanks for all your work, very appreciated.

i have a note for you.
on the bioshock page

only part 1 is working. when you download part 2 and 3 and try to unzip them, it keeps asking for the password an infinite amount of times. I tried to type the password every single time it got asked and was still asking after one hundred times. I think there is something wrong with the file. I tried to download the same file on a different OS in a different laptop and got the same problem. If you could fix it would be awesome.


Archive said...

Try re-downloading the files, if the download is messed up it'll throw the encryption part of the archive for a loop.
I've verified that the download files work from another system, give it a try.

Anonymous said...

Are you doing a rescan of the Macross Perfect Memory book at the moment? You already posted this last year.

Archive said...

I have posted a lowres photo copy of it that I found online, this time I'm doing my own proper scan.

Anonymous said...

I see, thanks for your great work. A happy new year.

boinger said...

The low res scan of Macross Perfect Memory was the one I did with a digital camera.
So, there is a lot of room for an improved scan.