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Macross - Perfect Memory

Here's the first of the Macross books sent to me by Boinger from Macrossworld.
This book is a pretty comprehensive look at the SDF Macross series including sections on each episode, character and mechanical designs and more. A very cool book.
There is a poster that original comes with this book, there was no copy of it available so I included the best image of it I could.

Note- This is a pretty massive book. Even reducing the file size and image quality it's still over 600mb in size when uncompressed.

Macross - Perfect Memory


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, this is greatly appreciated.

Yg said...


for old Marcoss, I only like defender & Tomahawk.
for new Marcoss, I like Monster King.

boinger said...

Thank you very much Archive Scans!

Archive said...

Thanks for lending me the books, you made this possible.

Chris G. said...

Macross is da shit!!!

thnx a lot boinger and Archive.

Anonymous said...

I tried downloading them but no such luck.

Is anyone else having the same problem.

VyseLegend said...

Good times 8)

Anonymous said...

Amazing!, thanks a lot for both Boinger and Archive

Anonymous said...

Still unable to download these files. Was only able to get about 75% before they stopped. Since yesterday, I can't download the other scans on this site.

I don't know if the issue's with my provider or with the filehost.

Archive said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the mirrors, Archive.

Anonymous said...

Thank´s for the post please more macross.
this is the animation macross plus, please.

Macross said...
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http://www.scanshell-store.com/portable-duplex-scanner.htm said...

I also tried to download the file but could not... Can you rescan it?