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Current Status - Traffic Data

Hey there everyone! Sorry about the lack of new scans out this month but I've still got most of Boinger's macross books to get through so there's no lack of material on the way.

Above is the traffic data (rough views) for the year of 2011. The site now has about 52gb of uploaded data (removal of the old art packs lowered that some) and haven't had any real service problems with the host or site since this place went online.

Also, people have been asking about shipping books to me more in the past few months, if you're okay with long wait times and my hobby ADHD send me an email. Please note that it's likely that I'll only accept books that I personally like.

Let us hope that 2012 will go as well as last year!


Yg said...


let's hope the US government won't success.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Now filesonic and fileserve discontinued their file sharing services. Only the uploaders can retrieve their own files now. Hope this isn't gonna start the trent.

boinger said...

Hi Archive:

In order to avoid gutter problems with books, I found a possible solution with the portable hand scanner: the Magic Vue Magic Wand portable hand scanner.
There might be a portable scanner that is bigger and better. Maybe, there is a portable scanner review website?

1. you have to connect the portable scanner to the computer to see what you have just scanned
2. largest width is 8.35" maximum
3. you have make align the hand scanner and the book to maintain a consistent scan.
Maybe, use a shallow box to hold the book and scanner in place?


Archive said...

A cool alternative, though if I can get my platen extender working properly it'll negate my A3 scanner's gutter shadows.
I think I've got the material to make it (5mm acrylic sheeting) but I've got to cut it to shape, mount it and get the scanner working with the new focus settings.

Anonymous said...

Sent you an email a few days ago about Suikoden books. Hope to hear back soon.