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For effect, sorry.

God I hope this is only a drill.
Speak out against US Government-powered Internet Censorship.


Anonymous said...

What the heck just happened ?

Anonymous said...

Yay for the strike!! XD

Anonymous said...

SH*T I was like "WTF??" when I saw this O__O

Yg said...

SOPA, US gov., hate them. They just find ways to ensure its benefits, not the customers 's benefits...

db said...

SOPA is an attack on freedom worldwide, not just the US. Many of the leading websites are based in the US. If any of these are censored, they won't just be censored for the US, it will be censored for everyone. Please go to one of many websites that have an anti-SOPA petition, and sign it. Don't let a group of elderly men who don't even use the internet destroy the internet!

Anonymous said...

Well, apparently the shitstorm has just began.

FB1 has just taken down MEGAUPLOAD, for good, no kiddin.

In retaliation, Anonymous has attacked and taken down Justice dept, RIAA and MPA websites.

This is going to have incredible repercussions in the next days on the whole internet, what comes to my mind is a tsunami over internet.

Archive said...

I just read the news about MU, I'm glad I hadn't started using them as a mirror again.

Goddamn this is getting hairy.

Anonymous said...

I think the Government has bitten off more than it can chew with this case. Accusing Megaupload of piracy is ludicrous! Megaupload and its affiliates are the only file sharing site that has the support of some major artists and studios. It has a long standing relationship with studios and artist in regard to their work and when requested remove any material not approved by the owners. In court they will prove they are doing everything to curb illegal activit and will make a mockery of the fed's case. That is if the Judge isn't on the take from the studios and politicians. Here's hoping for a fair trial. In the meantime we need to continue to fight. Just cause they delayed the vote on the 2 bills doesn't mean SOPA or PIPA are dead. They'll probably try to hide them in some bill that sounds all patriotic and such, so we must stay vigilant.