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Sorry for the lag again, work's been hell the last few weeks. I've gotten some time and have finished modifications to my scanner in anticipation of scanning the Macross Gold Book in the future and have started the scan for This is Animation - Macross 1 (oh god, this book is older than I am, must be careful). Again, thanks to Boinger for letting me borrow all of these great books!

I hope to get the scan done and uploaded/posted this weekend. See you then!

ps- The banner stuff, I'll make a poll with your and my top 3 this week.

EDIT- My PC had a hardware failure. I've got parts on RMA order but this will delay things. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

Sounds good :)
Oh by the way, suppose someone wanted to buy a book and send it your way; would you scan it and upload it?
How backed up are you?
Just wondering :D

Yg said...

See you