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Early results from the new host

Welp, we've managed to TEAR through the 50gb of 'bandwidth' that Mediafire sets for the account each month in the space of 4 days. I'm quite impressed by that (and know why the last host threw a fit). I don't think it really has any impact other than the people trying to download being sent to MF's page first (so some people will get quicker downloads for a couple days when the account renews each month). If anyone has problems with it please email me.

I have no idea if this kind of traffic will cause issues with the account, if anyone knows of problems with Mediafire please let me know.

I've been slowly replacing links and am up to mid September of last year, it may take me a while.

NOTE- if I start getting charged extra for this kind of use I may have to dump the account until we figure out donations.
Speaking of which, anyone have any input on donations?


alfredo acho said...

como se te puede donar dinero? por que no subes tambien artbook de ilustradores americanos como los que se encuentran en parka blogs.

Anonymous said...

Wait, you're already into last year? Where are the new links located for old scans? I just see the old 404 links. Stand Alone Complex stuff was upped in 2010, but it takes me nowhere :( am I missing something?

Archive said...

Ive only gotten as far back as September of 2011.

Anonymous said...

@alfredo acho: todavía no tiene manera de aceptar donaciones, pero él está buscando ideas. pienso que el solo colecta libros/artistas de japon...

@Archive: I think paypal is the most reliable way of handling money. My vote goes to that.

Anonymous said...

OHHHHHhhh. You're going backwards. Thought you were going in the other direction. Thanks, and take your time =D

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

You might wanna try this: http://flattr.com/
it's from the guys at Pirate Bay, so they are less likely to shut down your account like paypal often does... Good luck and keep on with your blog, it's a real gem of the internet.