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Limping back to my feet


 I've gotten my Mediafire account set up and will be (slowly) replacing the dead links with the MF ones. I'm prioritizing my own scans first, then everything else in chronological order. Please be patient, my connection is pretty slow and it will take a while to get changed over. Also, be aware that I'm giving the replacement MF links/files random names, I'll be keeping track of things with my on-disk backups so nothing should get lost.

A donation button of some kind might show up in the next few weeks as well, I'm asking for input on how to handle that as I've never dealt with anything like that.

The proposed Torrent mirror is still an issue, I'll let you know how that turns out.

(Totals for the poll: 244 for MF/DDL hosting, 24 for dedicated hosting, 100 for torrent)
(I've moved the two texts that were at the top of the page to comments in this post, I like to hang on to things)

Man, this new editor kinda sucks.


Archive said...

Falldog's letter (1/2):


As one of the prominent hosts for Archive Scans these past two years I feel I bear some responsibility in explaining why the majority of download links no longer work.

Archive Scan's content was hosted on a service provided by a company called 1&1 Internet. I've been with them just shy of nine years now, hosting various projects and domains over the years. If you look up reviews on this company you'll find a lot of negative criticism. Up till now, except for some performance issues and lack of functionality, I was not one of those with a negative opinion. Unfortunately they have decided to live up to those negative expectations, and in doing so put Archive Scans and myself in a bad spot.

Today I was contacted by the 1&1 "Abuse-Team" regarding the directory where the Archive Scans content was stored. They made several claims, which I confronted them over, only to receive deflections and more claims without adequate evidence. At first they claimed that I was using this space to store files not associated with a "conventional Web Site" and that they were "of questionable legality." When I corrected them regarding their usage they proceeded to trump up the copyright charge. I asked them to present evidence of a take down request or other infringement claim and told them that the site, and files, were complaint with DMCA. Surprise, they never received any copyright claims. In their expert opinion the files "definitely appear to be Manga, which would be copyrighted in Japan." It's always nice to see a company acting in complete ignorance and making copyright claims over something they have no right to.

Archive said...

Falldog's letter (2/2):

In reality the copyright claims were just a poor attempt to scapegoat past a larger issue, server utilization. Archive Scans takes up quite a bit of space and, based on the site's traffic stats, generates quite a bit of interest. I have always been mindful of the limitations, making sure that the storage space has never exceeded expectations. In recent years 1&1 has also promised "unlimited" bandwidth. Unfortunately they, in their infinite wisdom, have removed the ability for users to see just how much bandwidth they are using up. With no way to keep track of how much traffic was going out I assumed that their "unlimited" claims were actually true. 1&1's first message today indicated that Archive Scans was "generating 18 terabytes of traffic a day" of which I quickly requested more information so the problem could be respectfully addressed. Not surprisingly, I did not receive any. Instead they contradicted themselves by later stating, "We offer unlimited traffic but we do not offer unlimited CPU/memory/IO."

Their response to these issues was not only to disable access to the archive directory, but to disable access to anything hosted on the same domain. They also went as far as to disable traffic to several other domains I currently host on that account. Their over reactionary and irresponsible actions have not only disrupted their perceived issue but several sites that had been operating without issue. 1&1's inexplicable irresponsibility and lack of professionalism has left me upset and completely dumbfounded. Unfortunately I feel at this point that I have no choice but to remove the archive files from the server. I lack the time and money to go to war with 1&1 over these offenses and frankly I'm scared for the websites I and others host through my acounts. 1&1 has reserved the right to remove everything at a whim, wiping away years of data and hours of work. They are, in a sense, holding it hostage.

I will do everything in my meager power to support Archive Scans but as of now my options are severely limited. To what extent I can, I apologize to Archive Scans and its readers for this great disruption.



P.S. - If anyone can recommend a better hosting service please let me know. I'd can't continue to spend money on a service who doesn't show an ounce of respect.

Unknown said...

We all miss them links. But do take your time. I'm sure that no one would dare rush you.

Yg said...

welcome back!
any new stuff coming?

Anonymous said...

good to see you getting back on your feet :)

if you encounter problems with mediafire deleting files too quickly, you might consider - uploading files there will distribute the file to a number of filesharing hosts, so a complete takedown will be much more complicated.

CptnBadass said...

Can I ask if these new links will be posted on the front page? Or will you just be replacing the dead links with working ones on the original posts?