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Get torrents here until further notice:
Amazon Cloud Repository

~1,300 individual volumes, ~80,000 images, 8 years


(Another) New host incoming

EDIT - Here's a completed inventory of all the books that will be moved to the seedbox this week.

I've got an order in for a Seedbox which should be built and online on Monday. I'm getting all of my on-disk backups restructured for upload and hope to get EVERYTHING working again over the next couple weeks. I know many of you who left comments or took part in the recent poll didn't exactly favor Torrent but it's the only service that I can find that has offshore hosting, good storage and the bandwidth for something like this.

I'm planning on doing large torrents for most of the past postings (one for Macross, one for Gundam and so on) for the books I found online. For my own scans I'm trying to do some grouping but it'll be more broken up to individual books for many of them.

Oh, does anyone know a good tracker (or handful of them even) that I could go through?

Also, please be awesome and donate if you can.


Anonymous said...

good, mature and friendly ebook community

terebi-kun said...

I personally think that torrents are a great choice. As for trackers, I can think of two right now:

Nyaatorrents ( like it migh have interested users, but they don't seem to have a dedicated section to artbooks.

On the other hand, Bakabt ( are a great tracker with quality material and a dedictaed userbase, but the moderators are annoyingly picky about how you release the torrents.

Anyway, thanks a lot for your work!!

Anonymous said...

Also if you need an account....

RGP said...

I agree with bakabt, most of their torrents are really well seeded, eve artbooks.

Anonymous said...

For your list of complete inventory, you could have used google docs and not have to upload it to mediafire.