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Chocolate Gouache - Choco & Koichi Mugitani's Art Works Since 1997-2010 (COMPLETE)

This is a great artbook pack. It's got 2 books (color and monochrome), a DVD showing the entire process Choco goes through making a piece in Photoshop, a pack of 3 very well made prints and a nice slip cover for the books. Contained within the books is a huge amount of art covering a number of subjetcs (including art from Choco's website).
I rescanned much of this pack after finding a setting in my scanners software, it helped greatly with the gutter shadow (although there is still noticeable on some pages) and kept the colors vivid.

NOTE- This is a COMPLETE, HIGH-RES copy of both all the printed media and the content of the DVD. The total file size is around 6gb so take care of your bandwidth. Also, this is the first large torrent on the new server, if it gives you any troubles let me know.

Chocolate Gouache - Choco & Koichi Mugitani's Art Works Since 1997-2010 (Complete)

WARNING- This publication contains some nudity. 


Anonymous said...

OHh THANK YOU ,THANK YOU ,THANK YOU ,THANK YOU ,THANK YOU ,thank you ,thank you , thank you , thank you , tha.......!![Taken Breath] I was thinking of requesting you this dvd . Thanks again

Anonymous said...

This is great. Thanks!
I'll work hard to get a hardcopy!

This is the artbook that introduced me to your site.

Anonymous said...

unfortunately i cannot do torrents the are blocked here

BOJJ said...

grand comfort #003_knnoa.psd

Archive said...

BOJJ- I can open the file fine with GIMP though I don't have anything more advanced.

Anonymous said...