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More hosting questions

Well, since seeing a few problems with using Mediafire to get the books out now I'm wondering if a Seedbox would be a better idea. I've also set up a Flattr account to accept donations (see the top of the right-hand column), with recent events at my work it's unlikely that I'll be able to pay for hosting for at least the next month.

I ask for input\suggestions, all this is well outside my experience.


daredevil22r said...

I just signed up and donated 7euros. Hopefully I can give a bit more later this month. Thanks for all the hard work

Archive said...

You are an awesome person and should feel good about yourself.

Anonymous said...

Glad you subscribed to flattr
Still if I were you I'd keep searching for a direct donation option like paypal because not many people have Flattr accounts yet.

For uploading you could try spreading your files with a service like The downside is that you don't have any control over the files once they're uploaded.

If you decided to switch torrent though, I'd keep your stuff seeded.

Anonymous said...

I would also help you seed if you released torrents or donate with paypal. Love your site and hope you keep going.

Archive said...

I've got an order in for a seedbox to be built on Monday, it'll be interesting to stress-test it.

Also, I've set up a Paypal donations button. The more options the better.

Anonymous said...

yeah, MF can be problematic if you're using real names for the files and not PW protecting. all it takes is one file and the whole account is up.

a few of us are also looking into RetroShare. i haven't tried it yet, but a few ppl i know have and like it. works like torrents, i think.

anyone else care to chime in on that?

PS - love everything you've done. thanks to you i've bought all the Range Murata material i can find.

damn you, super awesome fandom...