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Scanner troubles

-Edit: I've gotten a loaner scanner from a friend and will start work on the book again tomorrow.

I was going to start the scan of another of Boinger's books today but I couldn't get my scanner to power on. After fiddling with it I think the problem is that the scanner's power supply fuse was blown. HOPEFULLY I can get a replacement fuse at work tomorrow and can get started on the scan soon.

I really hope this scanner isn't dead, it's such a nice one...


Anonymous said...

that's real unfortunate. the scans were stellar.

hope you can salvage an extra part, man.

Chris G. said...

what is the model of your scanner?

Archive said...

It's an Epson 10000xl. A great piece of tech. I think I've figured out what's gone wrong with it (a blown ceramic disk capacitor) and will try to get it repaired soon. In the mean time I've gotten a loaner scanner from a friend and should start work on the book from Boinger tomorrow.