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Super Dimension Fortress Macross - Memorial DVD Box

This is a book that was included in a special edition of the SDF Macross DVDs. It's got episode summaries, interviews, information on some merchandise and a huge lineart section.

Super Dimension Fortress Macross - Memorial DVD Box


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your great work, the scans are awesome

Anonymous said...

2 pages are missed:
page 182 and page 183

Archive said...

Well crap. I don't have this book anymore, I've sent it back to Boinger. The next time I contact him I'll ask if he can pull images of those pages.

boinger said...

Hi Archive:
I emailed you the two missing pages: 182, 183 (grey scale, 600 dpi) for this DVD booklet. The picture just need a little straightening out and cropping for your updated version.
Thanks for scanning!

Anonymous said...

well done my friends, terrific job!!!

thanks ;D