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1 Month with the new seedbox

Thank you, everyone who's donated to the site. There's enough to cover content hosting costs for the next couple months. 

We've now been running the new seedbox for just over a month and from my end it seems to be running fine. I wanted everyone's input on how it's running, is it running okay? Is the seedbox responsive with new releases?

Also, if you look in the lower left-hand corner of the posted image you'll see that the seedbox has transferred about 4.8 terabytes. Now I understand why previous hosts have had problems with this site before.


Ant Sized Man said...

Im finding it great, looks like plenty of seeder to keep the archive going.

Anonymous said...

Be extremely careful using torrents. The ease of which a torrent can be hacked into is pretty scary.

Joe said...

Uh yeah, Anon.

Archive, is there any other method that this file sharing can use?

Archive said...

Anon> Please extrapolate on what you mean by "hacked into".

Joe> With how much traffic this site can burn through I think that the seedbox will be the best and cheapest method. I've already had major problems with both RS/MU-like sites and dedicated web hosting.

Anonymous said...

I'm just going to keep obsessively checking the site every four hours until you post the art of the mass effect universe.

Unknown said...

Do you have Ironman artbook 1 and 2 from the movies ? i ve been looking for these scans evereywhere and can t find them !!!!