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Not Dead!

Sorry for the delay updating, work's been very tiring lately. I've gotten my (primary) scanner repaired and I should be starting my next scan later this week. I've also kind of run out of 'found' books, if you have anything that may fit in here email me, more books is always good.


Robert Wagman said...

@Host Do you play on PSO on Schthack server? Wanna hunt together someday?

Zathras said...

Got the Master Variable Fighter for the VF-25...don't want to rip it apart, any suggestions on how i can scan it...?

Archive said...

Robert- I haven't played a PS game in years, though I'm really looking forward to PSO2.

Zathras- I've got 2 answers:
If you have a scanner that has a not-too-strict focal plane you can get away with bending the spine quite a bit and getting good scans.
2nd answer; I've got a copy of that book to and plan on scanning it at some point.

Zathras said...

if you don't mind, i'd rather let u scan yours knowing that u could do a better job of it since my scanner is a crappy HP AIO scanner.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you still breathe. Keep up the good work!