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Input on current hosting

Hey everyone!
It's been ~4 months now since the Seedbox for the site was started up and I was wondering how you all thought it was working out. I've gotten a few requests for seeding of a few torrents and thought you all should know that the box can only seed 15 or so torrents at a time, this is a limitation on the Seedbox's allocated VM hardware (likely the memory). If it becomes a more recurring issue I'll see what it'll take to migrate over to a higher power VM (this would probobly need a donation drive or something).
Also, as a backup in case Torcache goes down in some way I'll keep adding magnet links to all new releases.

Speaking of donations, I've gotten a handful in and I'd like to thank everyone again for contributing.

PS- I'll try and get some more Macross stuff done this weekend.

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VTK said...

thanks for your effort , best regards