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More books from Boinger!

Here's the full list:
1. Roman Album Series : Fire Bomber
2. Roman Album Series : Extra-Miss Macross 7
3. This is Animation Series : Macross 7 Animation Materials
4. Macross 7 / Macross Plus Movie Program
5. This is Animation Series : Macross 7
6. & 7. Two Macross 7 Gift Booklets
8. Macross 7 Color Sketch Book B
9. This is Animation Series : Macross Plus (OVA Series)
10. This is Animation Series : Macross Plus (OVA Movie)
11. Offical Clue Series: Sony Playstation : Macross Plus

This should get me posting more, I haven't been able to find any good books online recently.


Anonymous said...


A suggestion perhaps, can you scan the This is Animation: Macross Plus Series and OVA books first?

Dark Artist said...

I second that suggestion. I've been looking for YEARS for those books. Please scan them first if at all possible (this is animation Macross plus ova and movie)

Ant Sized Man said...

This is Animation Macross Plus!

Been wanting to see this bueaty for years!

NamRoy said...

Amigo solo me bajare Macross Plus, nunca me gusto ni me gustara Macross 7, y que paso con el Variable Fighter Master File VF-25 lo subiras o cancelastes el proyecto ya...?

Archive said...

Some stuff from Macross Plus will likely get scanned first but I'm gonna try and get it fairly even.

-NamRoy: The Master File VF-25 book is still in queue, although since Boinger's spending lots of money to get these books to me I'm going to try and give them priority.

VTK said...

this is animation Macross plus ova are great

Im wait for : this is animation Macross plus movie :D :D :D